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Walter Pfeiffer "ohne Titel", 2015/2017

For some forty years now, celebrated Zurich-based photographer Walter Pfeiffer has been on a quest for beauty, as he puts it. And for at least the past ten years he has been one of the world’s most in-demand fashion photographers, booked by the most exclusive labels.


ohne Titel, 2015/2017, Lambda print, 80 x 120 cm / © Walter Pfeiffer


Who does not know the sense of metaphysical dread that multiple mirrors can provoke? Perhaps it is that same sense of dread that captivates the gaze of the young man here. His own face stares back at him countless times. We, too, are there, close by; so close that we can almost hear his breathing, the splash of droplets falling from his hair into the water, and can almost feel the warmth of his skin. Sensuality and eroticism have always played a central role in the photographs of Walter Pfeiffer (*1946, Beggingen, CH). The Zurich-based photographer became world famous around the turn of the millennium with his nude studies and portraits of young men. He was one of the first Swiss artists who dared, back in those socially prudish days of the 1970s, to present the male body as sensual and glamorous, and to acknowledge beauty in men. At the time, his work was seen as scandalous. Now in his seventies, Pfeiffer has scaled the heights of the fashion industry and is known for his edgy photographs that celebrate beauty.

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