Our commitment to environmental sustainability

From the climate strategy to the innovative disposal of devices

Environmental and climate protection are closely interconnected: many measures that lead to lower CO2 emissions also reduce other environmental effects, such as resource consumption and air pollution. Vontobel thus attaches great importance to this issue across all its business activities.


Innovative disposal of electronic devices

As electronic devices used in business operations must comply with strict standards and requirements, those that are still fully functional often end up in the electrical waste. Vontobel thus made the decision in 2017 to give such devices to non-profit organizations in future.

We place particular emphasis on careful use of materials, on energy efficiency at all sites, and on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from all operational processes.


  • Consistent climate strategy

    We see climate change as one of the greatest challenges facing our society. We therefore make our products and processes as climate friendly as possible. We also continuously reduce the harmful emissions generated by our banking operations and raise awareness of the topic among our employees and the general public.

  • Emission credits for climate neutrality

    Vontobel has been climate-neutral since January 1, 2009. We earned the emissions credits for 2019 from the "Isangi" rainforest protection project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project protects over 187,000 hectares of one of Earth’s most biodiverse rainforests from deforestation. Isangi helps to alleviate local poverty by promoting sustainable economic opportunities and developing educational initiatives to bring a brighter future to remote communities.

    Isangi 2020

  • Signatory of CDP

    CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) provides companies with a ratings system for measurement and publication of their environmental impact. Each year, CDP generates the CDP Climate Score from the questionnaires completed by the participating companies. Vontobel has signed the CDP and its climate change, water and forest programs.

    Vontobel Holding AG - CDP Report 2018 (PDF)
    CDP Report 2017 - DACH (PDF)

  • Kind to the environment

    Our buildings are optimally insulated, and we also use LED lighting and obtain electricity from renewable sources. Furthermore, we avoid unnecessary business trips and are committed to systematically separating and – where possible – recycling our operational waste.

    Vontobel uses only recycled paper for printing. It takes about 1.5 times less energy and 2.5 times less water to produce recycled paper than it does to produce paper from fresh fiber. Recycled paper also cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20%. We offset the remaining emissions with various CO2 projects around the world.

  • Our Sustainable Purchasing Policy

    High environmental and social standards are very important to Vontobel we expect the same of our business partners. Further details are set out in “Vontobel’s Sustainable Purchasing Policy.” They form part of Vontobel’s General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

    Guidelines for sustainable procurement (PDF)


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