Green IT: Secure recycling of over 1000 desktop computers

1/22/2018 Reading time: 2 minute(s)

Recycling computers is a simple and effective way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. However, data security is a top priority at Vontobel. Our partnership with the internationally renowned foundation "AfB social & green IT" now makes it possible to reduce our e-waste, maintain the highest security standards and create jobs for people with disabilities.

Green IT: Secure recycling of over 700 desktop computers

In preparation for the Windows 10 migration, more than 1000 desktop computers had to be replaced at Vontobel. Simply disposing of this electronic equipment would have been wasteful. After all, the computers could still operate reliably in a different environment for a number of years. Vontobel therefore began looking for a partner that could process and reuse the devices, while guaranteeing a seamless workflow from a security perspective.

AfB transforms e-waste into environmental and social commitments

The non-profit foundation "AfB social & green IT" has made a name for itself by providing e-recycling services in the area of IT. For over a decade, AfB has been selling high-quality corporate IT equipment to charitable organizations and private individuals at low prices. In doing so, the foundation makes a contribution to environmental and social sustainability: On the one hand, the processing and remarketing of the devices helps to preserve scarce resources. On the other hand, AfB is creating new career opportunities for people with disabilities. At the foundation, individuals with and without disabilities work side by side in all areas.

Secure transportation, CCTV and Blancco™ data erasure

AfB is uncompromising when it comes to security – a factor that is of key importance for Vontobel. All devices disposed of by AfB’s corporate partners are loaded into secure containers and transported directly to a secure storage facility equipped with CCTV. From here, the devices begin the journey to a new life: All labels and features indicating the origin of the hardware are removed. Employees who originally come from the IT sector then delete all data storage media. ISO-certified technologies from the international data specialist Blancco are used for this purpose. Finally, the hardware is checked, tested and skillfully restored.

Guaranteed to do good

The devices are then ready for the AfB online shop – from where they find their way to schools, charitable organizations or homes. They all benefit from a 12-month guarantee provided by AfB. Thanks to its collaboration with AfB, Vontobel can make a valuable contribution to the sustainable handling of scarce resources while reducing its own carbon footprint.

From sustainable investment solutions to social commitments and environmental sustainability: Corporate responsibility has a long tradition at Vontobel. We assume our responsibilities in a multitude of ways and regularly receive awards in recognition of our efforts.