"In a previous life, I was a poster"

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At Vontobel, advertising is literally bearing fruit – or vegetables, clothing or a multitude of other articles. Using a clever upcycling process, the mega poster used in Vontobel's new image campaign has been transformed into 500 shopping bags. Each bag is a unique item in which sustainability lives on.

A mega poster adorned the facade of the Vontobel building at Genferstrasse 27 in Zurich for three months. Bearing the message "Do your thing. Own your success," it helped Vontobel launch its new brand image. This promise has now taken on a surprisingly tangible form thanks to a sustainable recycling concept, with the poster having been transformed into shopping bags that accompany Vontobel employees and clients in their everyday life.

The shopping bags were produced in cooperation with the Drahtzug association, which employs people with a mental impairment and enables them to participate in the world of work. With the support of experienced specialists in Zurich workshops, they created unique bags that are sustainable in both environmental and social terms.

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From sustainable investment solutions to social commitments and environmental sustainability: Corporate responsibility has a long tradition at Vontobel. We assume our responsibilities in a multitude of ways and regularly receive awards in recognition of our efforts.