Sustainable investing with Vontobel

Diverse investment solutions with a positive long-term impact

Vontobel’s sustainable investment solutions fulfill environmental, social and governance criteria, and offer competitive earnings potential.


No investment in controversial weapons

Cluster munitions and landmines are banned by international convention. In 2012, Vontobel approved a Group-wide guideline that prohibits investment in companies that manufacture these types of arms.

Vontobel guidelines on cluster bombs and landmines (PDF)

Sustainability aspects are playing an increasingly important role in investment decisions globally. The focus is on achieving a positive long-term impact on the environment and society without loss of earnings.


Solutions for all requirements

Vontobel has been committed to value-oriented and far-sighted investment for generations. As a pioneer in the field, we have offered you a wide range of sustainable investment solutions since the 1990s.

As an institutional investor, you can obtain the entire range of sustainable solutions from us. These include various equity funds in which sustainability aspects form an important criterion for the valuation and selection of companies. Various theme funds focus on trends such as changes in the energy supply, scarce resources, new technologies and water. Investors can also participate in sustainability themes in the form of structured products. In addition, Vontobel manages individual, sustainable mandates.

We offer modern pension solutions for private individuals and entrepreneurs, combining the advantages of pension instruments with modern and professional wealth management.


  • Signatory of the PRI

    As a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Vontobel has pledged to take sustainability principles into account in the investment process and to encourage other market participants to observe them. This includes the active exercise of voting rights at general meetings and establishment of a constructive dialog with the management of other companies.

    Vontobel PRI Transparency Report

  • Signatory of the European Transparency Code

    Various sustainable investment solutions provided by Vontobel carry the European transparency logo. The logo is awarded to companies that sign the European Transparency Code for sustainability funds. It allows investors to quickly find detailed information about the sustainable investment strategy of an investment product.

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  • FNG Sustainability Profiles for Vontobel funds

    The FNG Sustainability Profiles show the Vontobel sustainability strategy for the individual funds in relation to three core areas – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – in a clear and comprehensible way. They are intended solely to provide you with additional information; they do not constitute investment advice, investment brokerage or acquisition services.

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  • Voting and engagement

    We actively exercise voting rights for all sustainable and themed Vontobel funds. Furthermore, we maintain an active dialog with all companies in which the funds invest. In order to implement the exercise of voting rights and corporate dialog, Vontobel works with Hermes EOS (HEOS), a leading service provider in this field.

    In our report on Voting & Engagement, we regularly disclose how the voting rights for the themed products are exercised. We also provide examples of the ongoing dialog with companies.

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Vontobel charitable foundation

Since 2004, clients have been able to lend their support to various projects focused on social issues, culture, ecology, education and medicine through our charitable foundation. These include a project dedicated to the protection of rare bird species and reptiles, and an initiative that gives unemployed people a fresh start. In total, the foundation provided CHF 585,000 in donations and grants in financial year 2018 (2017: CHF 580,000).


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Corporate Sustainability Manager