At Vontobel, we actively shape the future. We create and pursue opportunities with determination. We master what we do – and we only do what we master. This is how we get our clients ahead.

A global investment firm with Swiss roots, Vontobel specializes in wealth management, active asset management and investment solutions. Our success across these areas of investing is driven by a culture of empowerment and a commitment to exceed the expectations of our clients. Vontobel Holding AG shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and majority owned by the founding family – a set up that guarantees both entrepreneurial independence and the diligence and transparency of a listed company.


About Vontobel: A woman leans on a railing

Everyone is an investor. Whether it's time, money or attention that you devote; every day you put your capital to work with a goal in mind.

That's investing. And that's what we do at Vontobel. We focus on helping people put their financial capital to work.

The actions of our 2000+ employees around the world are guided by one clear mission:
Empowering investors to build better futures.

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Putting the power in your hands.

Those better futures look different for everyone. Our job is not to tell you where to go, but to help you get there.

We aim to provide you with the right knowledge, tools and investment options, so you're truly empowered and in the driver's seat.

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Investment acumen is developed over a lifetime. We've acquired ours over several. Having helped investors around the world for almost a century, we have a lot to share.

Whether you are a private or institutional investor, or an advisor to others, we treat you with the same level of attention. We take time to fully understand your situation, your investment objectives and beliefs; then we aim to equip you with what you need to reach your destination.

Regardless of where you are on your investing journey, we can help.

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Your global authority on investing.

At Vontobel, all our clients have one thing in common: They come to us for active investment solutions.

Our multi-boutique structure enables us to offer distinct and independent options spanning equities, fixed income and multi asset. A leader in financial products, we provide access to expertise in structured solutions. We also offer a variety of wealth planning services.

We firmly believe that bringing all of these different aspects of investing together in one investment firm has made Vontobel a clear choice for investors worldwide.


1. Investing is at the core of everything we do

At Vontobel, we have always been focused on investing. What began as a brokerage in 1924 evolved into an asset manager in 1936. Today, we strive to be one of the most trusted global investment firms, with experts based in the world’s key financial hubs. We believe strongly in active investing and constantly work to deliver value and the expected pattern of performance. We master what we do, and only do what we master.


300+ investment professionals
across six independent investment boutiques and other specialist teams.


We are an ESG early mover with
20+ years’ experience


We operate our business globally as a pure-play buy-side investment firm.



2. We listen to you

The world keeps changing rapidly. To stay ahead, companies must constantly evolve. We do this by being close to our clients. Whether you are a private investor or represent an institution, we start by understanding your individual situation, your goals and needs. You tell us how you want to work with us - whether that's through a relationship manager, digital only or hybrid. We translate our observations into real world solutions that respond to your demands and desires.

About Vontobel: A businesswoman listens carefully

85% of clients are very or extremely satisfied.

Source: Vontobel Global 2021
Voice of Client (VoC) Study.
Base: 1,549 clients.



3. We are committed to being responsible citizens and partnering with our clients


Our 6 Sustainability Commitments

net-zero-by-2030-icon.svg   Path to Net-zero
Achieve net-zero by 2030 in our banking book investments and operations.
equality-icon.svg   Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Continue creating a great workplace where everyone can thrive.
transparency-icon.svg   Governance & Transpareny
Empower our stakeholders to challenge us through governance and transparency.
client-advisory-icon.svg   Advice for Private Clients
Advise our private clients on the benefits, opportunities and risks of ESG investments.
providing-ESG-investment-icon.svg   Investment Solutions
Incorporate ESG consideration into active investment decisions.

Community Engagement
Be an active member of the local community.


“As owners thinking for the long term, we support Vontobel’s efforts to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of our economy and society for future generations.”

Dr. Maja Baumann
Member of the Board of Directors and 4th generation Vontobel family



4. We believe in our people, and their diversity

At Vontobel, we have an ownership mindset. Our people are empowered to take personal responsibility in fulfilling our mission of empowering investors to build better futures.

We know that diverse thinking leads to better solutions. And we’re proud that from our Swiss roots we have grown into a modern, dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual team.

It’s our people, and their way of working, who underpin our competitive edge and success.


20 % women in senior management positions aiming for more than 30 % by 2030.


93% of us are proud to work for Vontobel.
Source: 2021 Vontobel Global Employee Survey.


60+ nationalities in the company. 
Our passionate professionals collaborate from 27 locations around the world.

Source: Vontobel Annual Report, December 2021.


5. We are future-ready

Tech-enabled and data-based, we’re future-ready so that you are.
We continually rethink how to empower investors, harnessing the latest technology and artificial intelligence to better serve our clients. We’re also committed to rethinking investing itself. New technologies allow new opportunities. Data analysis can reveal insightful patterns and relationships. Our motivation is quite simple: Better investing, for now and tomorrow.

Our Data Science and Data Engineering team (Data & Al) has grown more than
10 × in less than 5 years.


We invest significantly in digital transformation: Continuous investments of
CHF > 50 M p.a.


full-stack developers, data analysts, AI specialists and cloud engineers.

Source: Vontobel Annual Report, December 2021.


6. We’re with you for the long haul

Our history is one of constant growth. Underpinning this long-term success: We are both family-controlled and listed.

Involvement of the Vontobel family allows us to stay the course through market turmoil, true to our strategy. Yet, as a listed company, we diligently meet strict market requirements and operate with maximum transparency.

You can count on us to master the challenges of tomorrow with the tenacity, independent thinking and solution-oriented mindset that allowed us to master those of yesterday.

Vontobel AM has risen by 10 places to rank #22 in the European Fund Brand 50 ranking since end-2016.
These awards do not reflect any products or services offered in the USA.


We believe our steady AuM growth is a testament to the trust our clients place in us.


Since our foundation in 1924 we’ve never had a loss in the balance sheet. We maintain a strong capital position and we have always paid a dividend. Maja Baumann and Björn Wettergren, 4th generation Vontobel family, are active members of our board of directors.

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