An American flag flutters in the wind. American elections: a decisive moment for your portfolio from an investor's point of view.

US elections: a showdown for your portfolio

Facts, background and investment prospects

The US election will dominate headlines and, by extension, the interests of many investors until fall 2024. In the wake of the media showdown, the markets are already preparing for the “after.” Regardless of what the election result turns out to be, certain impacts and trends can already be predicted or identified from the candidate manifestos.

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Ideas for your US timing

Learn more about investment opportunities related to the topic "US elections" and how you can participate in market movements.

History will guide us

The fact is: Historical data shows that previous US elections have had a measurable impact on the financial markets. Investors who inform themselves in advance about possible effects will be better able to adapt their investment strategies accordingly.

Our experts' analysis shows: During the primaries, total returns on US equities generally move sideways. After that, the equity markets tend to recover, as illustrated by a glance at the performance of key US equity indices over the last seventy years.

Good to know – good for shares

In the past, the more business-friendly policies of Republican presidents had a more positive impact on equities as an asset class.

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Eugenio Carnemolla, PhD

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Andrea Caldelari

Head of Investment Advisory & Solutions - Private Clients

Axes of contrasts – a comparison of the election campaign programs

According to our experts, which topics are most likely to be relevant for investment decisions?

Looking at the nine sectors in detail, the election campaign programs differ mainly in the areas of foreign policy, domestic policy and climate policy.2


Showdown: put your portfolio to the test with us

The US elections will influence the markets into November 2024 and beyond. But if you wait until voters have cast their vote at the ballot box, you could miss out on some of the performance gains seen historically. The uneven distribution of profits across individual sectors serves to worsen this risk.

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