Credit ratings

The rating agency Moody's has evaluated and assigned ratings to Bank Vontobel AG and Vontobel Holding AG. These ratings confirm the recognized financial strength and solidity of Vontobel.
Further, Moody's evaluated and assigned ratings to the Additional Tier-1 securities issued by Vontobel Holding AG.

Bank Vontobel AG Rating Outlook
Long-term deposit rating Aa3 Stable
Short-term deposit rating Prime-1 Stable
Long-term counterparty risk assessment A2 (cr)  
Short-term counterparty risk assessment Prime-1 (cr)  
Vontobel Holding AG Rating Outlook
Long-term rating (issuer rating) A3 Stable
Additional Tier 1 Subordinated Bonds Baa3(hyb) N/A
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