Compensation philosophy and guiding principles

Vontobel’s corporate policy is also reflected in our remuneration concept, which inspires employees at all levels to achieve common and individual goals. A holistic approach is an essential part of this.

Our remuneration concept is based on the idea of a compensation system that reconciles the interests of all stakeholders. A long-term shareholder plan takes into consideration risk-related aspects as well. Thus, we create incentives for employees to work towards and promote the success and stability of Vontobel – in line with the principles set out in circular 2010/1 "Remuneration schemes" published by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The implementation of these principles is not compulsory; nevertheless, we have chosen to adopt its essential aspects.

The objectives of our compensation system at a glance:

  • To support a performance, risk and team-oriented culture.
  • To promote our employees’ entrepreneurial ideas and actions.
  • To encourage a long-term commitment to the company by the top performers.
  • To position Vontobel as a competitive employer.


More information:

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Access to the regulations:

Vontobel Share Participation Plan

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