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03/02/2020 Tiempo de lectura: 1 minuto(s)

Greg Williams, Editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine UK, about the publishing partnership with Vontobel

What impact does technology have on society? Is this an enrichment or a threat to our future? Why is the editorial partnership with Vontobel so important for a magazine like Wired? The editor-in-chief of Wired UK answers these and other questions in a detailed video interview that was recently created as a co-production between Wired and Vontobel in London.



Who are we? How do we live today? And how will the digitalization change our lives? How the future will unfold is preoccupying society more than ever, with engineers, doctors, politicians – each one of us, in fact – seeking answers. This video on the partnership between Wired and Vontobel is one of many contributions that shed light on the theme “digitalization” from a new, inspiring perspective. We are publishing them here as part of our series “Impact”.

The successes being achieved by digitization, current developments shaping politics and business, the megatrends affecting every corner of society: Vontobel delves deeply into specific issues to understand how the transformations happening now will impact people, society and markets – today but also tomorrow.

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