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20/02/2020 Tiempo de lectura: 1 minuto(s)

Patrick Farinato, Head Marketing & Analytics, on our editorial partnership with WIRED

Digitization is leading us into the fourth industrial revolution. It will massively change our society, our working world, the way we live our lives. And it will mean both opportunities and challenges. As a globally active investment manager, Vontobel is grappling with this topic intensively. Through our editorial partnership with WIRED, the leading platform for innovation and technology, we are shedding light on the digitized society from various exciting perspectives.




How is the fourth industrial revolution – digitization – changing our society and every aspect of our lives? This is a question that has the highest relevance for us as individuals, and for society as a whole. Vontobel and WIRED are intensively grappling with this topic, from different perspectives: Vontobel for its clients, as a global investment manager, and WIRED as the leading platform for innovation and technology. Together we are providing exciting insights into a world that is transforming in every relevant domain. With the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with them, we are publishing these insights here as part of our series “Impact”.

The successes being achieved by digitization, current developments shaping politics and business, the megatrends affecting every corner of society: Vontobel delves deeply into specific issues to understand how the transformations happening now will impact people, society and markets – today but also tomorrow.

As a client-centric investment manager, we concern ourselves every day with these global trends and changes, regarding them from the unique perspective of investors. This is how we are able to identify the best possible solutions that can address virtually any investment need – whether it is in the area of
Asset Management, Wealth Management, Platforms & Services or Digital Investing.



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