More than 100 client banks choose Vontobel for securities business

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23/02/2019 Tiempo de lectura: 2 minuto(s)

Vontobel connected the hundredth bank to its Transaction Banking platform in February 2018, providing it with global securities trading and custody services. The cooperation between banks is proving to be a new solution to the most pressing challenges of the market environment. The trend towards specialization and focusing continues to gain relevance. The demand for Global Execution and Global Custody solutions from Vontobel is increasing significantly as a result of this development.

Vontobel offers a cutting-edge infrastructure for global securities trading and custody, developed and operated entirely in Switzerland. Cantonal banks, Swiss regional and private banks as well as international brokers benefit from the regional roots in the Swiss market and the technological competence for international market access. Growing demand for Vontobel's security services resulted in a 70% increase in the overall trading volume between 2013 and 2017, while the Swiss stock exchange reported growth of 34% over the same period. Matthias Schiesser, Head of Sales & Account Management: "We are delighted with this great response and see our strategy of further expanding our range of services through innovation, reliability and competitive pricing confirmed. With our clear commitment to Switzerland as a production location and to the Swiss financial market infrastructure, we are setting ourselves apart and are clearly hitting the nerve of the local financial market."

Thanks to European market liberalization, large-cap stocks are now traded on more than 40 stock exchanges and other trading venues. The average market share of the home exchanges in Europe is well below 50%. In this fragmented environment, guaranteeing clients the highest possible standard of service, unrestricted access to liquidity and best execution requires efficient infrastructure, specialized staff and professional processes. Banks can add value by investing in their core competencies and buying in commoditized services from specialist providers. This enables significantly more attractive conditions than a direct investment with the resulting operating costs.

Vontobel Investment Banking
Vontobel Investment Banking creates specialized investment solutions for private and institutional clients. We follow a customer-centered digital business model, manage risks carefully, and drive our clients forward with compelling service packages. We emphasize on truly understanding our clients’ needs. We use our expertise to anticipate trend reversals, risks as well as opportunities: in order to develop promising solutions for you. We only do what we master and develop solutions we believe in. We take clear decisions and act with determination. We are proud of our specialized offering which includes structured products, transaction banking, corporate finance, brokerage, as well as solutions for External Investment Advisors, and digital platforms. We regularly receive awards for our research expertise. This is how we create added value for you.



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