Corporate Governance Regulations

Articles of Association

04.04.2023 Articles of Association Vontobel Holding AG

Business and Organizational Regulations

01.02.2024 Business and Organizational Regulations of Vontobel Holding AG

Our Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the principles and practices of our business activities, these are further specified in detailed regulations and policies.

The guidelines set out in the Code of Conduct are binding on all members of the Board of Directors and all Vontobel employees. They are an integral part of the employment contract.

Our relationship with you, shareholders, employees, business partners, government agencies and the public is based on trust. Vontobel is a partner you can count on. This obliges us to act ethically, responsibly and with integrity.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset and must be preserved – after all, a good reputation forms the basis for long-term success. The Code of Conduct helps us to ensure this.

Code of Conduct

Compensation philosophy and guiding principles

Vontobel’s corporate policy is also reflected in our remuneration concept, which inspires employees at all levels to achieve common and individual goals. A holistic approach is an essential part of this.

Our remuneration concept is based on the idea of a compensation system that reconciles the interests of all stakeholders. A long-term shareholder plan takes into consideration risk-related aspects as well. Thus, we create incentives for employees to work towards and promote the success and stability of Vontobel – in line with the principles set out in circular 2010/1 "Remuneration schemes" published by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The implementation of these principles is not compulsory; nevertheless, we have chosen to adopt its essential aspects.

The objectives of our compensation system at a glance:

  • To support a performance, risk and team-oriented culture.
  • To promote our employees’ entrepreneurial ideas and actions.
  • To encourage a long-term commitment to the company by the top performers.
  • To position Vontobel as a competitive employer.



Compensation Report - Annual Report 2023

Vontobel Share Participation Plan

Vontobel Share Participation Plan - Regulations