Vontobel Executive Committee

Members of the Vontobel Executive Committee of Vontobel Holding AG and of Bank Vontobel AG

Portrait of Christel Rendu de Lint, Co-CEO / Head of Investments at Vontobel

Dr. Christel Rendu de Lint

Co-CEO & Head Investments

Portrait of Georg Schubiger, Co-CEO & Head Wealth Management

Georg Schubiger

Co-CEO & Head Private Clients

Portrait of Thomas Heinzl, Head Finance & Risk at Vontobel

Dr. Thomas Heinzl

CFO / CRO, Head Finance & Risk

Portrait of Maria-Antonella Bino, General Counsel, Head Legal & Compliance

Dr. Maria-Antonella Bino

General Counsel, Head Legal & Compliance

Portrait of Markus Pfister, Head Technology & Services at Vontobel

Markus Pfister

COO, Head Technology & Services