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03.04.2020 Temps de lecture: 2 minute(s)

Millions of employees are working from home during the coronavirus crisis. This requires digital infrastructure which now benefits those who already have solutions set up. Vontobel has combined the potentially most promising companies in one basket.



Numerous governments around the world are calling on us to “Stay at home”. Some countries have even imposed lockdowns. This is how the world is trying to break the chain of infection and, if not stop the spread of the coronavirus, then at least hopefully slow it down. Social distancing or, more correctly, physical distancing, is the order of the day.

A boost for digitalization

And millions of employees are therefore staying at home. The enforced physical distancing has turned the world of work upside down and radically changed the working habits of millions of people in just a few weeks. Out of necessity, interchanges with colleagues and supervisors are now being carried out using digital means of communication. Video conferences are replacing on-site meetings, events are being held via livestream and conversations between two people are taking place via Skype.

The learning curve of the users when employing digital channels and communication aids is rising sharply. There is no doubt about it, the corona crisis is giving digitalization a major boost. Offers from tech companies are being actively used.

User numbers are soaring

Microsoft's Teams platform, for example, which enables digital cooperation and communication between employees and is competing with the independent provider Slack, reported a 37 percent growth to 44 million daily users within just one week.

Cisco System's Webex and Zoom are experiencing a boom in demand for video conferencing. The daily active users of Zoom, founded nine years ago, increased 67 percent in the first three months of 2020. Its app has been downloaded 50 million times from the Google Store over the past few weeks.

It goes without saying that the intensive use of digital platforms and services makes cyber security especially important. The more interactions that take place via digital channels, the better they need to be protected against attacks. 

Home Office Basket

The Home Office basket on investerest combines companies that are very well positioned to benefit from the booming demand in digital infrastructure resulting from extensive working from home. Investors have the opportunity to take part in the performance of companies from various areas of remote communication, cloud technologies, cyber security, collaboration and application software with only one investment.

Investors in a certificate linked to the Home Office basket should note that they bear, amongst others, the credit risk of the issuer (the risk that the issuer of the certificate is not able to fulfill its obligations under the product).




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