A New Gaze 2017: O’Leary wins Vontobel Contemporary Photography Prize

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12.09.2017 Temps de lecture: 1 minute(s)

The project “Concealer” illuminates our perceptions and state of mind by holding up a mirror to the over-perfect images seen in advertising and the media. Eva O'Leary, born in 1989, is an American photo and video artist. She is the 2017 winner of Vontobel’s prize “A New Gaze” for young contemporary photography.

Join artist Eva O’Leary on the video tour of the exhibition “A New Gaze 2017” © Video: Vontobel 2017

About Eva O’Leary

Eva O’Leary divides her time between New York City and central Pennsylvania. With her camera she examines the society of America’s youth and how it manages the contradictions between appearance and reality. She has already exhibited her work internationally, in addition to London and New York also in Milan, Paris, Dubai and Zurich.

“A New Gaze” promotes the photographic work of young aspiring artists. The prize, awarded by the Vontobel Art Commission working together with curator Urs Stahel, recognizes work that opens up new perspectives and reflects the role of photography in today’s world. With the prize, we enable the winner to realize his or her project from conception to exhibition, including its accompanying catalogue.

Website “A New Gaze”



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