Geopolitical risks and high inflation—time to reconsider?

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31.01.2022 de Dan Scott Temps de lecture: 1 minute(s)

Our macro view as of February 2022

Despite a turbulent start to 2022, economic growth is on track. Find out here how Vontobel is positioned in this market environment.

How we position ourselves strategically:
The monthly CIO Update analyzes the current market environment and reveals the background. It is presented by Frank Häusler, Vontobel’s Chief Strategist, and Mario Montagnani, Senior Investment Strategist.


Overweight in commodities

Also a hedge against inflation and geopolitical risks

2022 got off to a turbulent start with a growing Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border and airstrikes by Houthi rebels in Yemen on an oil facility in Abu Dhabi.

In addition, inflation in Europe and the U.S. is at a record high. Despite this, economic growth looks promising for 2022. Inflation will be with us longer than expected but should moderate again towards the end of the year.

In this market environment with solid growth and no recession, we continue to favor equities over bonds. We overweight alternative investments and commodities.




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