Outlook 2021: Three macroeconomic scenarios for a global economic recovery

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30.11.2020 da Dan Scott Tempo di lettura: 1 minuti

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“Dear passengers, please take up your seats!”

Airports have mutated into a no-go zone during the Covid-19 pandemic. But air traffic could soon regain momentum once vaccines become available. In our baseline macroeconomic scenario, “boarding”, we expect the global economic recovery to be completed by Q3 2021, with emerging markets leading the way.

US elections – a key risk event for markets – are now safely behind us. Going forward, the following key factors will determine the trajectory of asset prices:

  • the need for further fiscal support
  • easy monetary policy
  • and how we handle the remainder of the Covid crisis




Investment Outlook 2021 (with infographics)

In the financial markets, the pandemic seems to have already been forgotten. With good reason? Our Chief Investment Officer reveals the details and three scenarios.

Explore our basline scenario





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