Recycling today: Big business thanks to “Big Jim” & Co.

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Das Bild zeigt zu Ballen gepresste Papierabfälle, die aufgestapelt sind.

Recycling as it should be: Pressed and layered into bales, our paper ends up back in the processing industry. ©depositphotos


A video report from the recycling factory about myths, machines and people’s “wish cycling”

The mountains of waste are piling up – and with them the demands on state-of-the-art recycling technology. Because by no means everything that we bring to the recycling yard with the best of intentions can be returned to the material cycle so easily.


To the video


Matt Reynolds,

science editor of Wired UK.

We show his video report here as part of our Publishing Partnership with Wired UK.

Like at the other end of a scale that has been thrown off balance, the waste mountains of civilization are growing – while the availability of natural resources continues to decline. This has consequences for both people and the environment. We currently consume 1.5 times what the world can provide in the long term. And the incineration of waste causes further toxic gases and harmful residues.


Light on the horizon: the recycling economy

Effective waste and recycling solutions are more in demand than ever. But just as important is that we (finally) understand recycling properly – and live it. The latest video documentation from our publishing partner Wired shows both: what recycling myths we should overcome to make recycling more efficient. And how state-of-the-art collection, sorting and recycling technologies help to extract the last grain of raw material from the waste stream. Welcome to the world of “Big Jim”, “Eddy” & Co., which already generates a turnover of 178 million Euros worldwide.


Recycling myths unmasked in just 5 minutes:

Join in this video WIRED’s Matt Reynolds as he makes his way inside a recycling plant.



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Digitization has the potential to technologically advance the circular economy. What does this mean for investors?

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