Vontobel Insights & Trends Talk with Philipp Hildebrand

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12.11.2019 Tempo di lettura: 1 minuti

In a short interview Philipp Hildebrand talks about the low interest rate policy of central banks and what these uncertainties mean for Europe and Switzerland. Marianne Fassbind, former business journalist, leads through the interview.

Dr. Philipp Hildebrand, 56, grew up in Horw LU, is Vice Chairman of the world's largest independent asset manager BlackRock, and previously served on the Board of the Swiss National Bank. At the Vontobel Insights & Trends Talk moderated by former business journalist and partner of the Dynamics Group Marianne Fassbind, he spoke to our guests about current world events, low-interest rate policy, and tensions between the US and China, venturing a global outlook. Watch the video in German here.

"There are developments that one cannot stop or should not stop. The climate topic is a tsunami. The financial industry must now position itself correctly and internalize the situation." - Philipp Hildebrand

Philipp Hildebrand's voice has international weight and he knows the markets. What people moves, is the plethora of crises and the dangerous conflicts that can be seen and observed in the world, so it is not surprising that the financial markets will remain firmly in the grip of political issues. "The low-interest phase will be with us for a while longer," says Hildebrand. His idea, which he shared with our guests yesterday, is that a kind of separation of powers should be applied between central banks’ monetary policies and countries’ fiscal policies, and he clearly sees politics as having the responsibility to make this happen.

Hildebrand also praises the work of the banks in the Swiss financial center. He is convinced that over the next five years, banks will focus more intensively on the core business of asset management, counteracting low-interest rate policy with innovative solutions.

As a global asset manager, Vontobel is grappling intensively with the current geopolitical events and their effects on the financial markets. Investors can benefit from the expertise and market knowledge of our specialists.



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