Will Corona become a test run for the Universal Basic Income?

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15.04.2020 Tempo di lettura: 1 minuti

Money for everyone. Permanently. No conditions. Can we do that?

Especially in times of crisis such as these, the call for a UBI, a Universal Basic Income for the population, is becoming ever louder. Some countries have already experimented with this.

All people receive the same “salary” from the state every month. Children a little less than adults. © Video by Wired UK, produced in publishing partnership with Vontobel.

The idea of a basic income is that everyone receives a modest “salary” from the state. Every week, every month. Unconditionally and in equal parts to men and women. Children receive a lower contribution. Thinkers from the different political camps have long been demanding this. There was recently a UBI pilot project in Finland – but only in a small region and with a small number of people. With the state aid that is now being spent across the board during the corona crisis, the scenario of a “UBI” seems increasingly realistic.


Eine Analogie zum «Giesskannenprinzip»: Das Bild zeigt eine rote Kinder-Giesskanne von oben. Darin liegen Spielzeug-Bauklötzen; eines davon ist ein Haus mit Giebeldach.

What does UBI mean for people?

The appetite for UBI is growing around the world – initial trials are underway. Start with a brief tour d’horizon, and learn why many questions remain unanswered.

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