ESG investing takes into account fundamental concepts related to sustainability as well as aspects specifically relevant for investors. As established guidelines used to evaluate investments taking a forward-looking view, ESG criteria have proven themselves, both from a risk perspective and in terms of return expectations – valid for investments emanating from the G7 to the emerging markets.


Relevant for your clients: The new era of “ESG-Investing”

Companies with good ESG ratings are more than just a “goodwill” investment today. Our experience has shown that ESG products perform on a par with comparable indices. In addition, they are a proven tool for including even long-term risks in investment decisions.

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Time to shine with your ESG knowledge – as a bank or as an External Asset Manager (EAM)

When it comes to ESG, many of your clients are most likely grappling with a not insignificant knowledge gap. This is exactly what gives you the unique opportunity to position yourself with ESG expertise ahead of your competition.





“ESG monitoring has also developed into a tool for checking return expectations.”


The reason: Investors who evaluate potential investments according to ESG criteria take into account not only economic considerations, but also how well (or badly) a company is managed, or how its actions are affecting society and the environment. This directs their attention to developments that will have a lasting impact – and thus also to developments that have the potential to generate long-term returns.



ESG solutions and ideas for banks and External Asset Managers (EAM)



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AMC meets ESG:
You can invest in convictions

Actively managed certificates (AMC) are a new generation of structured products that can be actively managed – for example in line with an ESG strategy.

ESG at investerest

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Act ESG with Vontobel Asset Management*

Learn more about ESG in the context of Vontobel Asset Management.

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ESG at Vontobel Asset Management




Proven corporate governance: Vontobel’s “Prime Status” as an ESG issuer

Anyone who issues structured products and AMCs, like Vontobel does, must be able to demonstrate especially clearly to investors that they are a reliable partner. That is why we are particularly proud that one of the leading ESG research and rating agencies, the ISS Group, has awarded Vontobel “Prime Status”.

This recognition is not only positive news for you in terms of issuer risk, it also confirms Vontobel’s above-average sustainability performance. For us, it goes hand-in-hand with a reliable capital base and the forward-looking entrepreneurial thinking of a company that has been majority-owned by its founding family for decades.

More about Vontobel as a sustainable issuer



Trust the pioneer

ESG milestones at Vontobel




First provider of certificates with ESG evidence in CH and GER

Thanks to Vontobel, since May 2019 investors have been able to buy certificates whose underlying assets have been subjected to a sustainability analysis.

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Recognized for ESG competence

Since 2010, Vontobel has been a signatory to the UN initiative “Principles for Responsible Investing” (PRI). In 2020, our sustainable investment strategies again received an above-average PRI rating.

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From expertise to investing in practice

Find out how we work to develop funds that are in demand in ESG investing, and browse our ESG library for regional markets.

How ESG adds value



Insights & news on ESG solutions


Vontobel – your partner for ESG

Peter Camenzind, Head of Platforms & Services Banks Switzerland, and Severin Rupp, Head of Platforms & Services EAM Switzerland, talk in an interview about why Vontobel is a suitable partner for ESG investments and why now is a very good time for ESG investments.

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Financial advisors widely trusted on ESG issues

There is plenty of interest in sustainable investing, but not much knowledge, according to a survey commissioned by Vontobel. Banks and financial intermediaries in particular are widely trusted as advisors on ESG investments. Now is the ideal time to talk to clients about ESG:

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ESG: An opportunity for financial intermediaries

Sustainability is a hot topic. Not so for many bank clients, as a survey shows: knowledge of sustainable investments is still not very widespread. The majority of respondents have never heard of saving and investing according to ESG criteria. This opens up opportunities for financial intermediaries.

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As a globally operating investment firm, we are aware that we have a responsibility to our stakeholders to play an active role in the sustainable transformation of our economy and society for future generations. More than 25 years after launching our first sustainable investment solution, we still take the initiative to speak with you about the challenges ahead, but also to show you how this historic transformation process is creating unique opportunities for you as investors.




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“Act ESG” is our signal to you – and our invitation to invest sustainably. If you are interested in taking advantage of our range of sustainable investments, just look for this symbol. “Act ESG” enables us to help you make informed and active decisions, so that you can blaze a trail that best suits your convictions.