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What are the issues that society is concerned about today? And tomorrow? These are the same themes that we are concerned about at Vontobel. "Impact" gives socially engaged personalities from the worlds of society, science and politics a platform to share their opinions. With their expert knowledge, they illuminate the challenges of our time from new, revealing perspectives, and their opinions underscore our willingness and curiosity to listen to others and learn from them.



Why glass skyscrapers are bad for the environment

Two cars, a lemon, and a bottle of Lucozade: just a few of the objects that have been melted by London’s Walkie Talkie building. But the heat radiating off the glass tower’s awkwardly angled 160 meter tall walls isn’t the heat we should be most worried about. The Walkie Talkie, like all glass skyscrapers, is warming up the world in a much more all-encompassing way.

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