Vontobel welcomes new additions to its Wealth Management team in Germany

News 03.07.2018
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Vontobel is expanding its team of Wealth Management advisors in Germany with new employees. Four experienced experts from Sal. Oppenheim in Munich and one advisor from Oddo-BHF Bank in Hamburg have been recruited, so that the German team has grown to a total of more than 20 asset managers. Vontobel has successfully provided German clients with advice regarding asset management for decades and has been doing so profitably since 2015, after years of continuous expansion.

“We are delighted to have been able to reinforce the Vontobel team once again this year. Through the targeted expansion of our asset management team, we are ensuring that we will be able to take advantage of any growth opportunities in wealth management. Through additional top advisors, we aim to continue to grow alongside our current and new clients in Germany,” remarks Thomas Fischer, member of the Management Board of Bank Vontobel Europe AG.

Victor Lindner and Thomas Riecken, who previously worked for Sal. Oppenheim at the same location, are joining the Munich based Vontobel team of asset managers in July. Doris Lemke and Olaf Bauermeister, who are also switching from Sal. Oppenheim in Munich to Vontobel, will follow in October 2018. Asset management expert Stella C. Streckwall joined the Hamburg team from Oddo-BHF Bank in April.

Lemke has been responsible for business at the Munich branch office of Sal. Oppenheim since 2012 as Managing Director. As a qualified bank clerk with additional loan training, she gained extensive experience with wealthy clients at Dresdner Bank, where her most recent position involved the care of wealthy clients at the Frankfurt a.M. branch office, before she switched to Sal. Oppenheim in 2008. Lemke will continue to enjoy divisional responsibility for the Munich location at Vontobel and will report to Thomas Fischer as a member of the Munich Executive Board.

Bauermeister has been at Sal. Oppenheim since 2006, where he was most recently a client advisor for Private Asset Management in the Munich branch office. He has over 20 years of experience in banking activities.

Lindner, who joined Sal. Oppenheim in Munich in 2007, was most recently employed as Vice President in Private Asset Management at the Deutsche Bank subsidiary. Before that, the qualified bank clerk and business manager advised wealthy private clients at Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers in Munich.

Riecken began his career with Deutsche Bank at the end of the 1980s. The qualified bank clerk can now look back on over 20 years of experience advising wealthy private clients and as a securities specialist, including positions at M.M. Warbug, Delbrück & Co., and Merck Finck & Co. At Sal. Oppenheim in Munich, he has spent the last six years working as a Senior Portfolio Manager for Individual Mandates.

Streckwall joined Vontobel from Oddo-BHF Bank, where she had advised wealthy clients from northern Germany as a Relationship Manager and Company Officer in Hamburg since 2007. The qualified bank business manager and certified wealth manager has sound, long-term experience in asset management.

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