Easter Miniseries: Food shoppers in a frenzy

Insights 16.04.2019
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What are you doing next Thursday? Um… probably working. And after that? You’re going shopping! After all, Maundy Thursday is nearly here.

Not long ago, stores would all be closed over the days of Easter, and anyone who hadn’t stocked their fridge up in time would unwillingly end up having to prolong their Lenten fast.

Easter Bunny brings good sales figures

Maundy Thursday has always been one of the most profitable days of the year for food retailers. Thanks to e-commerce, however, many people are now doing their shopping from the comfort of their own couches, so the checkout lines are getting shorter again.

Rising sales

Thus LeShop.ch, for example, was able to increase its sales last year by 1.9 percent to CHF 184.7 million, while coop@home, which is the second-biggest online food retailer, saw a 6.7-percent rise, with turnover reaching CHF 152 million. The generational shift in shoppers (millennials) also points to online shopping becoming ever more popular in future.

The five things that most annoy us at the supermarket

  • Too few checkout lines open
  • Linecutters
  • People who block the aisles
  • Missing items
  • Bad manners

Five tips for more relaxed shopping

  • Check stocks and make a shopping list
  • Eat before you go shopping
  • Shop immediately after the store opens
  • Involve children actively in the shopping trip
  • Look up and down: The products placed at eye level tend to be more expensive than those at the bottom