Vontobel Wealth Management appoints Stefano Retti as the new head in Geneva

08/11/2018 Tempo di lettura: 2 minuti

Vontobel strengthens its presence in French-speaking Switzerland and continues its expansion, supported by the arrival of a new head of Vontobel’s wealth management business in Geneva and by the successful integration of Notenstein La Roche.

Stefano Retti is taking up the position of head of Vontobel Wealth Management in Geneva, which specializes in advising wealthy clients based in French-speaking Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East. This appointment will take effect as of February 1, 2019. Stefano Retti will report to Christoph Gloor, Deputy Head Vontobel Wealth Management and responsible of Wealth Management in French-speaking Switzerland. Retti will join the management committee of Vontobel Wealth Management.

Stefano Retti, aged 43, was born and grew up in Geneva. He acquired experience in advising wealthy clients at the two global Swiss banks. Before joining Vontobel, he was in charge of creating and developing the onshore market at Société Générale. Previously, he was manager of the Geneva branch of CIC private bank and contributed to its repositioning in the Swiss market. Stefano Retti holds an MBA from Oxford, which he combined with an entrepreneurial year at the London hub for start-ups.

Christoph Gloor said: “We are pleased to welcome Stefano Retti as the new head of our Wealth Management business in Geneva. I am sure we can benefit from his experience and competencies. This appointment is part of our growth strategy and shall foster our expansion plans in French-speaking Switzerland.”

Switzerland as Vontobel’s home market remains important. With the successful integration of Notenstein La Roche this October, Vontobel strengthened its presence in French-speaking Switzerland by enlarging the Geneva office and adding a Wealth Management Branch in Lausanne. “Geneva and Lausanne are playing a crucial role in strengthening Vontobel’s presence in French-speaking Switzerland. We want to increase our market share in the Wealth Management sector in French-speaking Switzerland, where we see a great potential”, said Georg Schubiger, Head of Vontobel Wealth Management.

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