April fool!

Vontobel Stories 01/04/2019
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Which of the stories is an April fools’ joke? Write the title of the story that you think is made up in the comments box on LinkedIn.

Imaginative ECB

You will certainly have held several of the seven different euro banknotes in your hands countless times. But do you know off the cuff what is depicted on the front and the back? There are doors and windows and bridges, which are intended to symbolize openness and solidarity. What a heart-warming thought. But none of these structures really exist. They were all thought up in Frankfurt am Main. And we’re sure of one thing: next time you’ll look more closely at your euro notes.

Good material

Star investor, friendly scarecrow, stock market legend: Warren Buffett has many nicknames. But he himself is not so creative as his fans and critics when it comes to choosing a name. The name of his investment firm “Berkshire Hathaway” is not a product of the imagination. It was an ailing textile company in which Buffett held some shares. Buffett and the Managing Director shook hands to agree that Buffett would sell off his shares for 11.50 dollars each. When it came to the closing the deal, the Managing Director suddenly only wanted to pay 11.38 dollars. This made Warren Buffett so mad that without hesitation he bought the entire company and fired the Managing Director. So there you go: Berkshire Hathaway was born.

Pets and ex-wives

Streaming giant Netflix, which went public on May 29 and was one of the high-fliers for some time, has in the meantime suffered some heavy loses. The reason: fewer subscribers and reduced sales. The share price has in fact recovered again but the American film and TV platform is under pressure and is having to link up with blockbusters like “House of Cards.” The latest coup: A multi-part documentary about the “pets and ex-wives” of 12 former Fortune 500 CEOs. The series is intended to show how the “pets and ex-wives” influenced strategic decisions taken by the CEOs, causing their rise and fall. We can hardly wait.