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Vontobel's mission is to protect and build the wealth our clients have entrusted to us over the long term. Specialising in active asset management and tailor-made investment solutions, we provide responsible and forward-looking advice. In doing so, we are committed to Swiss quality and performance standards. With their good name, our owner family has stood by these principles for generations.

  • Between inflation and deflation: possible consequences for investors
  • Magazine for private clients - Preparing for change
  • Morningstar Awards 2015 - Best EUR Corporate Bond Manager
  • Vontobel Portrait 2015 - Focus theme: Art & expertise
  • Absolute Return Bond
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Revived appetite for emerging markets


  • Between inflation and deflation: possible consequences for investors

    Monetarism, one of the most influential economic theories of the 20th century, rests on the assumption that inflation is caused by excessive money supply. However, its founder, the American economics professor Milton Friedman, appears to have been proven wrong by history: the large central banks’ extraordinary liquidity measures – a not so stretched analogy to money being dropped out of a helicopter, an image Friedman used – have had no noticeable effect on price levels thus far. In an environment marked by a seemingly unstoppable trend towards lower government-bond yields, alternative investments are getting more attractive, in our opinion.

    Market Comment May 2015

  • The Chinese giant is making less headway

    China’s rise to a global heavyweight has been a defining feature of the global economy. Until recently, investors have been used to staggering GDP growth rates seemingly defying the law of gravity. We believe that the Chinese stock market still has potential while acknowledging that the world’s second-largest economy is facing major challenges.

    Market Comment April 2015

  • Vontobel's year results 2014

    Vontobel generates another strong inflow of new money of CHF 6.2 billion – net profit grows by 10% to CHF 134.5 million – proposal of 19% increase in dividend to CHF 1.55 per share – global client assets reach new record level of CHF 190.7 billion.

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