Vontobel Cooperation Management

Vontobel supplies banks and financial institutions with proven B2B asset management services. Our offering includes the following components:

B2B asset management services

Your benefits:

  • Professional management of asset management products and services. We can also provide private label products featuring your brand if required
  • Product innovations, as well as marketing and sales support
  • Cost synergies thanks to the outsourcing of various asset management services to a single partner (product creation, research, administration, sales support/marketing, etc.)
  • Further Vontobel products and services are available upon request (e.g. structured products, settlement services)


Our offering:

  • We provide customized solutions
  • We have many years of experience in cooperating with strategic partners and key accounts in Switzerland and in international markets (including Raiffeisen Switzerland, Helvetia and Raiffeisen Luxembourg)
  • Our team of professionals is on hand to provide you with support in your daily operations


Cooperation with Raiffeisen

The cooperation between Vontobel and Raiffeisen Switzerland (formerly the Swiss Raiffeisen Group) dates back to 1994 and was extended in 2004. In December 2009, the cooperation agreement was renewed until 2017. In connection with the expansion of its investment management business, the Raiffeisen Group cooperates with Vontobel and offers Vontobel's investment-related services and selected third-party products to Raiffeisen clients at all its banking locations in Switzerland.

Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, Vontobel develops and designs product and service solutions for Raiffeisen's clients in the fields of investment funds, as well as offering standardized asset management solutions and structured products. The Raiffeisen banks perform marketing and client advisory activities as before. Vontobel advises and supports Raiffeisen's marketing team.

The Raiffeisen Group outsourced its securities trading and settlement and safekeeping activities to Vontobel in 2005. In addition, Vontobel has made its trading infrastructure available to the central bank of the Raiffeisen Group. Since October 2006, Vontobel has provided custody services for all Raiffeisen clients on behalf of the Raiffeisen Group.


Cooperation with Helvetia

As part of its cooperation with Helvetia Insurance, Vontobel manages strategy funds under Swiss
law that are used primarily in unit-linked life insurance. These funds can also be subscribed to directly.


Press releases

Cooperation with Raiffeisen Luxembourg

Vontobel has been working with Banque Raiffeisen in Luxembourg as part of an extended  cooperation agreement since 2009. Vontobel creates structured products and issues investment  recommendations for Banque Raiffeisen asset management products, as well as providing other services.

Your contact

Christoph Ledergerber

Christoph Ledergerber

Head of Key Account Management

+41 (0)58 283 56 94


Christoph Ledergerber

Christoph Ledergerber

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