Performance creates trust

Vontobel's mission is to protect and build the wealth our clients have entrusted to us over the long term. Specialising in active asset management and tailor-made investment solutions, we provide responsible and forward-looking advice. In doing so, we are committed to Swiss quality and performance standards. With their good name, our owner family has stood by these principles for generations.



From shooting stars to meteorites – about technology favourites

The leading technology index Nasdaq recently broke above the 4,000 mark, more than trebling since its March 2009 trough of 1,265. However, it still stands significantly below the record level of 5,132 that it hit 14 years ago – unlike some other stock indices which have already soared past their previous highs. In this context, we are taking a fresh look at the technology sector – both the highflyers as well as stocks that have been left behind in the current rally – in this month’s edition of the Investors’ Outlook.


Vontobel Portrait 2014 - Focus theme: Courage

This year's "Vontobel Portrait" is dedicated to the theme of "courage". Courage has many faces and can be manifested in many different forms: physically, morally, and psychologically. This nuanced differentiation is reflected as well in the various editorial contributions from our featured writers. They make clear that courage is something individual, meaning that each person must decide for himself when he wants to be courageous. Or under what circumstances he is willing to take a risk.


Vontobel 2013 results

Vontobel attracts record inflow of new money of CHF 9.1 billion – significant rise in profit in Asset Management (+37%) and Private Banking (+56%) – implementation of cross-border strategy on track – increased dividend of CHF 1.30 confirms sustained profitability.


Creating innovations – and explaining them simply: the Vontobel deritrade® video

We all know from our own experience how difficult it can be to explain a complicated issue simply and in a way that ensures a lasting understanding. With its scribble video outlining how deritrade® works, Vontobel is launching a new tool for the B2B/4C channel. This will enable the B2B target group to explain to people who might be interested in Vontobel deritrade® how it works and the 360° value chain it offers. All in just a few minutes. We can thus present a complex issue in an unusual and readily understandable manner that will appeal to young and old alike, so to speak.


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