Vontobel Sustainability Report 2019: Traveling the growth path

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Last year, our clients invested almost twice as much in sustainable investment solutions as they did in other investment strategies. We have also further improved our Principles for Sustainable Investment (PRI) rating.


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The Vontobel Sustainability Report 2019 is now available. Read the highlights or download the complete Sustainability Report 2019 here. 

Sustainable investments are in demand

Last year, our clients invested almost twice as much in sustainable investment solutions as they did in other investment strategies. We anticipate that demand will continue to increase. Vontobel has set itself the goal of continuing this growth and playing a leading role in sustainable investments.

Climate change: Identifying risks, exploiting opportunities

As part of its sustainability strategy, Vontobel began a scenario analysis based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). By analyzing various model portfolios, we would like to derive recommendations for action so that we can identify climate change risks at an early stage and make targeted use of the opportunities that arise.

Improved sustainability rating from PRI

In 2019, Vontobel once again improved its already above-average Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) rating for its sustainable investment strategies. Vontobel outperformed the benchmark in all of the seven reporting modules that PRI evaluates (In 2018, the result was six out of seven modules above benchmark). Vontobel has been a signatory to the PRI since 2010. The United Nations initiative has almost 3,000 signatory companies globally, primarily from the financial world.

Commitment to a rainforest conservation project

Vontobel has been climate-neutral since January 1, 2009. To mark our tenth anniversary, we again earned emission credits for 2019 from a rainforest conservation project, this time “Isangi” in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project protects over 187,000 hectares of one of Earth’s most biodiverse rainforests from deforestation. Isangi helps to alleviate local poverty by promoting sustainable economic opportunities and developing educational initiatives to bring a brighter future to remote communities.


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Sustainable innovations at Vontobel

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