Quality Growth Boutique

Conviction beats convention

For over 25 years, our New York-based Quality Growth boutique has consistently delivered attractive, long-term, risk-adjusted performance to clients like you. We are proud of our successful track record, which we believe is the product of investing in sensibly priced, high quality growth businesses.

We exclusively manage global and regional long-only equity portfolios based on a single investment philosophy: High Quality Growth at Sensible Prices. We only invest in companies that meet our strict criteria. We focus on consistent and predictable earnings growth and tend to avoid cyclical businesses that are subject to rapid change.

Strategies like these have helped our boutique grow into one of the most respected active equity managers in the world.

"Our competitive advantage is the clarity of our roadmap"

Matt Benkendorf, Chief Investment Officer of Quality Growth Boutique



Our investment philosophy

Our belief is based on the conviction that long-term, stable and sustainable earnings growth drives long-term investment returns and risk-adjusted outperformance.

We identify sensibly priced, high-quality companies that can grow earnings faster than the market on a sustainable basis. This approach helps us achieve superior returns through the effect of compounded earnings and share price performance.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that compounding wealth requires preserving capital in down markets and that high-quality franchises can provide downside protection.

We aim to generate investment returns as consistent and predictable as the earnings of the underlying companies in which we invest. We take a long-term view with a low turnover of names and seek to outperform the relevant index benchmark over the full market cycle with lower than market volatility.

Our portfolios tend to fall less than the benchmark in falling markets and participate well in rising markets. This does mean accepting some shorter-term periods of underperformance during times when higher beta, more cyclical companies outperform.


Key Principles

  • Long-term focus on protecting and growing client assets
  • Uncover powerful businesses with built-in competitive advantages
  • Patience to let these companies grow over the long term
  • High conviction, concentrated, benchmark agnostic portfolio
  • Common sense diversification based on understanding real business drivers
  • All our portfolio managers are invested in the strategies they manage to ensure our interests are aligned with our investors.

What sets us apart?

  • Performance: Long-term track record of outperformance with lower than benchmark volatility.
  • Focus: Our clear investment style and disciplined application of our bottom-up process delivers predictable performance.
  • Conviction: A truly benchmark-agnostic approach with consistently high active share.
  • Seasoned: Experienced investment team of 31 specialists averaging 22 years of industry experience.