Asset Backed Securities

As pioneers in the ABS market, key members of the TwentyFour team have been involved in the European ABS markets since its first securitizations in the late 1980s.

The team regularly advises European central banks and is heavily involved in setting the path for regulation in this sector. Accordingly, TwentyFour is one of Europe’s leading ABS managers.

The various ABS strategies invest in diversified portfolios of ABS throughout Europe and the UK. TwentyFour manages an array of ABS funds from AAA-rated to less liquid nonrated securities.


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CLOs 5 years on

Five years ago, the European CLO market restarted when Cairn issued the first post-crisis CLO in Europe – the start of the 2.0 market – and after a slow first year we have seen plenty more CLOs coming to market from a large mix of legacy and new managers.

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Small Market Correction Long Overdue

Over the course of the last week we have witnessed a small market correction, which raises the question of whether we should we be worried that this is the start of much bigger correction? So far this year every small dip has been bought by eager investors, and so far this has been the right trade. So is there anything different this time?

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