Your partner for quantitative investing

Vescore, an independently managed boutique of Vontobel with offices in Zurich and Munich, has a long legacy of market-leading innovation in the field of quantitative investments. The Vescore team is best known for research-intensive investment solutions with a sound academic foundation.

Our goal is to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our clients. To do this, we actively manage risk premia for a variety of asset classes, as long as they are feasible and economically justified. Our investment approach is purely model-driven. This assures a high level of transparency and avoids behavioral risks.

Sophisticated risk-management tools are a key component of our investment process, while the use of liquid financial instruments enables a cost-efficient implementation of the strategies.

Our portfolio managers invest their own money in the funds they are running so their interests are strongly aligned with those of our clients. Together we invest for success.


"Our ambition is to harvest intelligently selected risk premia in the capital market"

Dr. Daniel Seiler, Head of Vescore


Multi Asset

Here we offer an "all-in" concept of our expertise in quantitative investing. Risk is allocated among various asset classes and strategies with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. This unconstrained investment style draws on highly diversified sources of return and opens up the possibility generate attractive and tailor-made risk/return profiles across a wide range of asset classes.


We use fundamental economic factors as well as single factor premia to manage pure equity portfolios as well as a diversified portfolio's allocation to equities. Predictions on risk premia with high pay-off potential are derived from a quantitative model that captures the overall economic environment. This is done by measuring the economic expectations of market participants. These projections serve as the base for the ultimate allocation to equities. Pure equity portfolios invested in individual stocks seek to harvest risk premia arising from exposure to factors that have proven to be persistent sources of return. This is done by classic index-based strategies as well as dynamic multi-factor portfolios.

Fixed Income

The main performance driver of our fixed-income strategy is linked to active duration management on a sovereign debt portfolio. The investment concept relies on forecasts of future interest rate dynamics by analyzing a range of different market forces and assessing their impact on the yield curve. The strategy strives to generate positive returns in any market environment and has the flexibility to go short duration.


Our commodity strategies systematically exploit risk and liquidity premia in commodity futures markets using the predictable dynamics of the term structure. They can be used both as stand-alone products and as a module in a multi-asset framework.


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    CYD MarketNeutral Plus Index EN EN
    CYD MarketNeutral Plus 5 Index EN EN
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