Are you letting your wealth work for you? Do you know for what, for whom, and how your money is working?

People who responsibly engage in sustainable investing ask themselves three fundamental questions:




How is a company dealing with the environment?



How is a company dealing with society?



How is a company acting responsibly?



Investors have always been concerned about the “right” way to invest their money. This is exactly what ESG aims to do as well. ESG investments therefore look at the risks that a company takes with regard to the environment, social issues and corporate governance. Although the term ESG has only recently started making headlines, its roots go back to the Victorian era. It was then that some industrialists realized that their companies would be more successful if their workers were properly housed and had access to education and healthcare. Since then, ESG has evolved into a diverse range of products and services.



ESG in focus: Can we still afford not to invest sustainably?


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You are happy to leave the management of your assets to the experts

Our many years of experience since 1990 is reflected in the performance of our sustainability mandates and the innovative strength of our megatrend products. Discover our high-performance, sustainable products.

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You are interested in actively managed, sustainable investment funds

At Vontobel Asset Management, we offer sustainability-conscious solutions, supporting the United Nations’ Environmental, Social and Governance Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI).

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You are an External Asset Manager or a bank

Get started in the new "ESG investing" era: find out what your clients are expecting from you as a financial intermediary on the subject of ESG – and how we can support you in this area.

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Findings from a new study

Knowledge and information are essential when it comes to ESG, although up till now, only a few investors feel comfortable linking their expectations with ESG.

Close the knowledge gap

Driving change

Which companies and industries will be at the forefront of the transition to a more sustainable economy?

Sustainable investment solutions

Outstanding competence

Anyone who masters a field demands the strictest standards of himself. Find out how we meet demanding environmental and sustainability standards in our own company.

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And what do you believe in?

«Act ESG» is our signal to you – and our invitation to invest sustainably. If you are interested in taking advantage of our range of investment products to achieve sustainable investing objectives, just look for this symbol. «Act ESG» enables us to help you make informed and active decisions, so that you can blaze a trail that best suits your convictions.

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Are you still wondering what impact you can achieve?

Generation of renewable energy:

0 kWh

Provide clean energy to

0 people

for one year


Shipment of renewable energy devices:

0 kWh


0 tons

off annual coal consumption


Eco-friendly passenger transport:

0 pass. km



of short distance flights per year


Provision of drinking water:

0 m3

Supplying water to

0 people

for one year


Water recycled, treated or saved:

0 m3

Treating waste water of

0 people

for one year


Rail cargo transport:

0 t km


0 trucks

off the Gotthard route per year


Waste treated or recycled:

0 tons

Treating waste of

0 people

per year


Carbon footprint:

0 t CO2e*

Causing emissions equiv. to

0 cars

on the road


Avoided carbon emissions:

0 t CO2e**

Avoiding emissions equiv. to

0 cars

off the road





The latest on sustainability


Geopolitics , Insights , Videos by Dan Scott

A stormy autumn

Financial markets are experiencing a stormy autumn as a second wave of Covid-19 is prolonging our path back to a recovered global economy. While we believe a degree of caution is warranted, we continue to see signs that support a V-shape recovery and remain constructive in our overall risk positioning. Get more insights about our current investment strategy in the Monthly CIO Update with Dan Scott, CIO WM Investments.

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Geopolitics , Insights , Videos by Dan Scott

Avoiding further lockdowns at all costs

Markets have seen a strong recovery from the March lows and we maintain our positive stance. Low interest rates and recovery in global macro will continue to be a driver. We are watching the spike in new coronavirus infections with concern but do not expect further lockdowns. Meanwhile, US elections could increasingly become a source of volatility for the market.

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Even the smallest undertaking starts with a conversation.

ESG is the way to go when it comes to applying your own assets in harmony with your values ​​and our environment. Would you like to take advantage of ESG? We would be happy to advise you on this.

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