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Fri, June 5th, 8:00 am (CET)

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Why is everyone talking about Universal Basic Income?

In 1516, the English scholar Thomas More published “Utopia”, a political satire depicting an island where conditions were as they “should be”. In it, he made the first reference to an idea that is now being debated and tested across the world. Every citizen on More’s island is provided with “some means of livelihood”. They are granted, in effect, a universal basic income, or UBI.

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CopenHill – Skiing on a power plant

In Copenhagen, Denmark lies Amager Bakke, a unique power plant. Not only is it the world's cleanest waste-to-energy facility, it's also home to a man-made mountain called CopenHill with its own ski slope, the world's tallest climbing wall and challenging hiking trails up the building – where you'll find the best views of Copenhagen.

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