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29.05.2019 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

cosmofunding is an online platform for financing solutions and is aimed at public corporations, corporates and institutional investors. Fredy R. Flury is extremely satisfied with the platform's development since its launch in September 2018.


In addition to classic loans, cosmofunding also offers the option of simple securitization of private placements with just a few clicks. The peer-to-peer platform also cooperates with the Swiss rating agency fedafin, which creates a rating for each borrower.

As the interview shows, Fredy R. Flury is very enthusiastic about the platform's success. The positive developments since the launch are reflected in the volume of financing requests.

Future developments of the money and capital market platform are already being planned. In addition to an expansion, Fredy R. Flury could very well imagine further asset classes on cosmofunding.

«We are working at full speed to further develop cosmofunding and satisfy customer needs.»

Fredy R. Flury, Head Risk Management FIRC

You can find out more about the benefits and news of cosmofunding at:

cosmofunding by Vontobel



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