Economic momentum starts to slow

Insights , CIO Update , Geopolitics
27.04.2018 by Lars Kalbreier Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Geopolitical tensions have flared as NATO exercised a missile strike on Syria, the US and China negotiate over trade and western nations threaten Russia with further sanctions. At the same time, economic indicators, especially in Europe, have started to weaken. Our assessment for the global economy remains constructive as corporate earnings are strong and we believe the geopolitical risks are overstated. In the long term, we face the challenge of feeding a growing world population, and Smart farming could be the solution to make today’s agriculture more efficient by using new technologies.

Economic outlook and our investment strategy

Economic momentum has slowed, but global growth and corporate earnings remain intact.


Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Smart farming and E-Sports

Megatrends offer investors structural growth.




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