Identity today: A contest with the unfamiliar?

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16.09.2017 Reading time: 1 minute(s)

Every day, we play up to 40 roles in asserting our identity, in a society that is losing its inner cohesion more and more. Who am “I” and who are “we” when all around us, it is the unfamiliar that is setting the tone: globalization, digitalization and increasing migration? An interview with sociologist Prof. Harald Welzer on identity, values ​​and the question of what is still holding modern society together today.

Sociologist Prof. Harald Welzer was interviewed by Dr. Martin Meyer, Chairman of the Journalism Advisory Board of the NZZ. © Video: Vontobel 2017

About Prof. Harald Welzer

Prof. Harald Welzer is a German sociologist and founder of the non-profit foundation “Futurzwei”. A best-selling author, he is one of the most influential opinion leaders of our time. His research focuses on how our society will make its way into a desirable future. Prof. Welzer is a member of numerous scientific advisory boards and academies.

Who are we? What makes us matter? The question of our identity moves society; art, science, politics and every one of us seek answers. This video interview  with Prof. Harald Welzer is one of numerous contributions that illuminate the topic of identity from a new, inspiring perspective. We are publishing them here as part of our series "Impact".



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