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“This is a trend!” That’s a phrase you hear and read all the time. Often it’s used to make something seem desirable, something you absolutely must have, i.e. must buy. These kinds of trend are usually fleetingly amusing; soon the zeitgeist moves on in a different direction, as it can at any time.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, in and of itself: after all, “fleetingly amusing” is equated with entertainment, variety, fun. Allowing yourself a little non-committal enthusiasm for the trends we encounter in our day-to-day life has its appeal. By way of contrast, however, there are changes that will have a lasting effect on our lives. These are called “megatrends.” What these changes have in common is that they remain relevant for 25 or 30 years, they occur in every part of our lives, and they are global in character.

Demographic change, the emergence of a multi-polar world order, and the shift towards responsible business practices are three of these megatrends. At Vontobel, we are convinced that you must not lose sight of such megatrends, because they challenge us in many ways, bringing completely new things in their wake.

We go beyond purely observing the societal impacts of such megatrends. We use them to create investment guidance. In our Vontobel Wealth Management Blog, you will find out why it is worth taking a closer look at topics such as e-sports or healthy living. For example, the global gambling market is expected to grow to 22,913 million US dollars by 2022. Further exciting facts about the Vontobel megatrends can be found in our infographic.


Vontobel Megatrends

The Vontobel “Megatrend” model helps investors to keep their eyes on the future. The model is based on three pillars that, in our view, represent the societal changes we are currently experiencing: demographic change, the emergence of a multipolar world order, and rules for responsible business practices.

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