“The world upside down” — 6 challenges for investors “after Corona”

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12/06/2020 Reading time: 2 minute(s)
You see a young girl who is looking at her mobile phone while chilling on the bed upside down.

From gold to oil to public debts: As a result of the Corona shock, numerous market changes were hitting the headlines. Cutting through the noise of short-term volatility, our view is that investors able to take active management decisions should be able to identify the long-term winners and avoid the losers. Discover in this white paper six topics that we expect will drive changes in the investment landscape.

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Key topics in this white paper:

  1. Is there a safe way down from the mountain of debt?
    Governments worldwide have pushed through massive bailouts to stabilize their economies. Will we experience a new, even more dramatic sovereign debt crisis, or will this debt be successfully repaid? Should we be expecting hyperinflation or deflation?
  2. Where can we still find returns?
    The pandemic has given the age-old question – “stocks or bonds?" – new urgency. Numerous market segments are promising, but you have to look carefully.
  3. China or the USA – how to invest?
    Will the relationship between the United States and China continue to deteriorate? Both countries seek supremacy in digital technology, and investors should position themselves accordingly.
  4. Which countries will be on the side of the winners?
    The healthier the government budget, the greater the possibility of responding to the pandemic. We see countries like Taiwan or South Korea in this category.
  5. Who will benefit if globalization declines?
    Global supply chains are going to change. In the wake of the health crisis, many governments want to focus more on domestic production. On top of this, the trade conflict between China and the United States casts doubt about the benefits of a globalized economy. Which countries will benefit from this shift?
  6. Will there be a “green” recovery?
    Fly less; travel less – this could be one of the consequences of the pandemic. Growth packages and support programs will promote the switch to a more sustainable economy, which should also benefit investors.

Read the full analysis of our experts in the white paper “The world upside down”.

About the authors:

Sven Schubert has worked as Currency Strategist and emerging market economist at Vontobel Asset Management since 2011. He holds a PhD in economics.

Frank Häusler took over the role of Chief Strategist at Vontobel Asset Management in 2019. Frank Häusler is a mathematician (ETH) and Chairman of the Multi Asset Investment Committee.




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