Vontobel Actively Managed Certificates

The ideal platform for your investment strategy

It all starts with your investment idea, but that idea can only turn into a success story if it is put to work swiftly and efficiently. This is where our market position and know-how can help.

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) pursue a dynamic approach and allow an active management of the chosen investment strategy.

With AMCs, you can put your investment strategy into practice in a fast and straightforward way. The time to market is reduced to weeks thanks to our proven track record, with AMCs already established in key markets such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

Our investors are always on the lookout for new ideas. Our platform helps them to find your investment strategy. You benefit from our unrivalled market access and know-how, meaning that you can focus on what you do best: discretionary management and monitoring of investment strategies.


Actively Managed Certificates

What we offer

Investment Universe

  • Stocks, Bonds, FX, Structured Products, ETF/Fonds, Exchange-traded Options, Futures, Swaps
  • Multi Asset Class Portfolios
  • Smart Order Routing
  • Best Execution


  • Rebalancing tool
  • Management of fees
  • Index calculation
  • Secondary market
    by Vontobel
  • Document management


  • Internet Investment-Platform
  • Private Placement
  • Exchange Listing
  • Co-labeling


Free-up time for the management of your investments

  • Time-to-Market: Making new investment ideas efficient, simple, and quick to invest
  • One-Stop-Shop: Implementation from a single source
  • "All-In Cost": No hidden fees and a fast break-even
  • Reduce administrative effort and focus on core competencies
  • Access to new Investors


How we support you

  • Investment Strategy is replicated via an Index
  • Outsourcing to Vontobel
  • Daily Reporting: Valuation, Performance, Holdings, Rebalancing
  • Access to new distribution channels
  • Multilateral communication between index sponsor and investors possible


Your investment strategy to the marketplace with transparency and efficiency

The entire value chain – from the idea to due diligence, strategy development and after-sales service.

Product Idea / Strategy
Definition by the Index Sponsor
Investment Universe
Investment Process
Investment Stategy
Distribution Strategy
Onboarding & Service Agreement with Vontobel
One-time Due-Diligence-Process
Standardized Onboarding-Process
Product Definition -> Service Agreement
  • Service Agreement defines Responsibilities
  • Index guide describes investment strategy, process and universe
Focus on selection decisions of the index sponsor
Lifecycle Management Lifecycle Management
Active Asset-Allocation
Implementation of the investment process (re-balancing) based on the defined investment strategy
  • Secondary Market Making
  • Post-Trade-Information
  • Regular Performance Reporting and Asset-Allocation via Factsheets
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