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Managed solutions

At Vontobel, we manage your assets not only actively but proactively. To do this for you successfully, we call upon the proven expertise of our in-house research teams, craft specific investment ideas, and propose solutions especially developed for you

Our work centers on you

Your choice

Investing by means of a mandate solution allows you to keep the big picture in view – and in the easiest possible way. To ensure that you always have the agility and flexibility you need, all of our mandates can be tailored to your individual requirements and expectations.

Your freedom

You make one decision – after that, it’s us who stay on the ball for you. With our experts taking care of optimizing your investments, you yourself are freed from the need to make day-to-day decisions. Short and sweet: You have more time for the important things in life.

Your advantages

Vontobel reacts quickly and effectively to changes and opportunities in the market that can be realized via your mandate. And since your mandate provides full transparency into its performance, you can see and follow what is happening at any time.

Our mandates

Investors aiming to achieve performance on par with the market itself often rely on passive index strategies such as those offered by ETFs. Our aim is to outperform the market – and to do so with a comparable degree of risk. That’s why our philosophy at Vontobel is to operate as an active investor.

At Vontobel, you can recognize active investing by the Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®. It aims to generate the famous “alpha” from three sources of return: through diversification, by making investments based on strong convictions, and by identifying individual opportunities. For your benefit, we combine this approach with our other core competencies to create multi-asset Vontobel 3-alpha asset mandates.

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Would you like to invest in individual, sustainably successful companies? Our Specials mandates give you this opportunity, supported by our equity research and a quality approach we adhere to strictly.

We offer Specials mandates in these areas

  • Swiss equities
  • European equities
  • US equities
  • Global equities
  • Global dividend achievers
  • Global bonds

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Pascal Ramseier, Head Client Portfolio Management, on Vontobel’s investment focus

“We are convinced that we can create value for you by actively managing your assets.”

A discretionary multi-asset mandate

Active portfolio management

Comprising a selection of blue-chip equities and price-efficient funds, your portfolio is professionally designed, managed, and monitored


Dynamic asset allocation

Your asset allocation is consistently revised, in line with the guidelines of our Investment Committee. Then, potential individual investments are assessed based on the expertise of our in-house economists and strategists


Investment decision and trading

Once the investment decision is made, the corresponding trades are placed immediately for your portfolio



Multi-asset portfolios are optimally composed, very broadly diversified portfolios that are managed according to a structured investment process


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