Whether cloud computing, 5G, or even cyber security: Technological breakthroughs will have a major impact on our everyday lives and the economy in the long term. Modern technologies have become an integral part of our lives, and even more so since the corona crisis. A thematic investment in technology trends also offers investors attractive opportunities—which could manifest in rising returns.


“Robots are more and more visible to us and belong in our daily lives - even in our homes.”

Brian Fischer, Head Platforms & Services, Vontobel





Robots and 5G – is this the future? View a replay of the livestream now

How do you make tech trends “investable”? Our experts explored this issue and many more in our livestream on June 18, 2021. Missed the livestream? Or want to watch it again at your leisure? No problem. The entire event is available for replay here.




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Making technology trends “investable” is easier than you think—and can offer attractive return opportunities. In this context, we present the following product ideas:

Cloud Computing Equity Index

E-Sports & Gaming Index

Cyber Security Performance Index

Solactive 5G Technology Performance Index

Era of Robotics

Solactive China Internet Performance Index



Thematic investing is trending

A new Vontobel research finds Europe’s institutional investors and intermediaries reaching for thematic strategies.





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Find out how our thematic investments are created and why they are an asset to your investment strategy. You will also find all the relevant product ideas for thematic investing in our brochure.

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Thematic plus for your investment strategy

Our thematic investments give you access to a wide range of markets, trends, and investment themes through selected investment strategies.

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