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Our experts analyze around 100 companies from various industries in Switzerland. They cover approximately 95 percent of the capitalization on the Swiss stock market.

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  • comprehensive analysis including industry, technology, business models, strategy, management and ESG criteria, as well as general social and economic developments.

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  • detailed financial models, investment recommendations and price targets, as well as customized investment ideas

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Latest research: Dividend Season 2023

The earnings season is in full swing and will dominate the stock market in Switzerland well into March. Naturally, the focus is gradually shifting towards the annual general meetings (AGM) where the proposed dividends will be approved. Compared to last year’s dividend season 2022, we are in a significantly changed environment. A year ago, Swiss 10-year government bonds yielded around 0.2%, whereas now they yield 1.4%.

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    Dividends remain important in a higher yield environment

    Of course, this development is primarily driven by inflation which almost doubled in the same period. While it could be argued that this environment will result in less upside for the stock market, we think that dividends remain core in a longer-term perspective, as they offer attractive cash returns, especially paired with share buyback programs.

    15 dividend aristocrats in Switzerland

    In Switzerland, there are 15 dividend aristocrats with a dividend increase for at least ten consecutive years. This is three more than last year. Ten out of the 15 dividend aristocrats are “buy” rated by our analysts, and three belong to our Top Pick list for 2023.

    The highest shareholder yields—including share buybacks

    Based on our analysis, Swiss companies repurchased a total amount of CHF 34 bn in 2022. This represents 3.7% of their market capitalization, making Switzerland even more attractive than Europe and the US in terms of buybacks (Europe: CHF 330 bn or 2.4%; US: CHF 800 bn or 2.2%). Out of 20 companies with an ongoing share buyback program in place, four offer a shareholder yield of more than 8% over 2022.

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Big cargo ship on the high seas: Dividends can provide investors with a fairly reliable cash flow in uncertain times

Merits of dividends in uncertain times

One of the long-term benefits associated with stocks that pay high dividends are potentially stronger returns and lower volatility. However, investing only in companies with the highest dividend yield is not a sound, long-term investment strategy. 

What should investors look out for?







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