Vontobel Fundraising Initiative 2021: Help for the people of Lebanon

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18/11/2021 Reading time: 2 minute(s)

This video was produced by Vontobel. The illustrative footage material used was not sourced from the ICRC.


With the 2021 Fundraising Initiative, we are supporting the ICRC’s relief efforts in Lebanon, helping people make a new start in their lives. At Vontobel, we firmly believe in the future and its possibilities. We accept challenges and actively create opportunities—for our clients, our employees, and for society as a whole.

Securing livelihoods and enabling people to get a fresh start

Last year an enormous explosion shook the Port of Beirut and its surrounding neighborhoods, resulting in more than 200 deaths and more than 6,000 injuries. Almost half of the city's infrastructure was damaged—and all of this amid the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this catastrophic event, the Lebanese economy has been in tatters. Many people who were already in a serious situation no longer know how they will even feed their families.

For the first time, we went live to the crisis region. Pietro Orlandi, EcoSec Coordinator of the ICRC and on-site expert, reported to us from Beirut about the challenges that he faces every day and how the ICRC is helping people start over. The video interview with Robert Mardini will also be of considerable interest. Robert is the General Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross and was born and grew up in Lebanon.

We are also pleased to announce that Julien Lerisson, Deputy Director of Operations of the ICRC, personally took part in the podium discussion. Thomas Heinzl, our CFO/CRO, is involved as the sponsor of this year’s fundraising appeal and is the event patron. He elaborated on our involvement with the ICRC and the social responsibility that is part of Vontobel's DNA


As every year, this event has kicked off the ICRC donation initiative open until 26.12.2021.
This year, we are also inviting our clients to take part in the fundraising appeal.

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Vontobel is a member of the ICRC Corporate Support Group

Selected Swiss companies founded the ICRC Corporate Support Group in order to provide long-term support for the ICRC’s new challenges. Vontobel has been a member since 2005. As part of this membership, we launched our internal ICRC fundraising initiative in 2015, and every year since then we have supported an ICRC donation project, selected together with the ICRC.

You can find more information about the ICRC Corporate Support Group here.