Image campaign 2019

Vontobel starts the third wave of the "Own your success" image campaign.


1 of 3 Courage and willpower – the first Swiss wheelchair fencer
2 of 3 Teaching critical thinking – library buses in Kabul
3 of 3 Wrestling as a form of female empowerment in Bolivia
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Our image campaign places the focus on those who take control of their success and stay true to their convictions. The campaign comprises three ad topics, each of which will be live online and in print in December.

Our microsite features three inspiring stories from exceptional individuals.

  • Fred De Oliveira, Switzerland’s first wheelchair fencer
  • Freshta Karim, who teaches critical thinking with her library buses in Kabul
  • The Bolivian Wrestling Cholitas, female wrestlers who are taking ownership of their lives and their professional development

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Vontobel Impact

Latest white paper on the power poker China vs. USA


Who will be the superpower in the digital age? And how? 3 scenarios from escalation to de-escalation and their opportunities and risks for investors.

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Vontobel Impact

Topics That Matter – from the worlds of society, politics and business.

What are the issues that society is concerned about today? And tomorrow? These are the same themes that we are concerned about at Vontobel.

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The United Kingdom has voted: An interview with Lord Patten

Lord Patten of Barnes, a member of the Vontobel Advisory Council, spoke with us about the outcome of the election. With these election results, Brexit will become real. But now, following the vote, how united is the United Kingdom? And how will it shape its relationship with the EU once this painful divorce process is behind it? Read Lord Patten's assessment.

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UK election results 2019

Dan Scott, Deputy Chief Investment Officer Wealth Management, speaks about the possible impacts on the economy and markets. These clear election results effectively confirm a mandate for the Conservatives to proceed with Brexit. What effect will this outcome have on the economy in Europe? What does it mean for the talks with the EU, even looking beyond Brexit itself?

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At Vontobel, we actively shape the future. We create and pursue opportunities with determination. We master what we do – and we only do what we master. This is how we get our clients ahead.

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Vontobel Wealth Management is committed to actively managing client assets with foresight across generations. We take a holistic approach, accurately monitor the markets, anticipate trends and opportunities, and develop individual solutions. This is how we protect the entrusted assets and create optimal conditions to increase them over the long term while taking controlled risks.

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Vontobel Asset Management is an active asset manager with global reach and a multiboutique approach. Each of our boutiques draws on specialized investment talent, a strong performance culture and robust risk management. We deliver leading-edge solutions for both institutional and private clients.

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Vontobel Investment Banking creates specialized investment solutions for private and institutional clients. We follow a customer-centered digital business model, manage risks carefully, and build compelling service packages to get our clients ahead.


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