A complex and uncertain market environment demands fresh perspectives to find new opportunities that go beyond fixed returns to deliver yield.

“Conventional thinking is no longer relevant for today’s income investors. Instead, they are looking for a focused but well diversified approach across the global investment universe to enhance their returns.”

Ulrich Behm, Chief Executive Officer Vontobel Asset Management Asia Pacific



  • A new way of thinking about income
    • Generating new sources of yield to turn a rate drought into yield
    • Achieving yield with lower volatility and a regular distribution of income to meet the needs of Asian investors
    • To find income in this phase of the cycle, and as rates move upwards in terms of the yield curve, investors should favor credit to limit their exposure to interest rate risk
  • Diversified and differentiated
    • Seeing income from a new perspective to create a flexible and agile approach
    • Having a truly global focus to offer investors a diversified strategy not tied to any benchmark
    • Taking a high-conviction, bottom-up approach to enable flexible and dynamic outcomes




“In a changing macro landscape, income-seeking investors are rising to the challenge of low yields by finding new and more bespoke solutions that enable them to express a specific outlook.”

Georg Von Wattenwyl, CEO Vontobel Singapore and Head Platforms & Services Asia



  • Sustainable and repeatable performance
    • Looking beyond benchmarks to provide yields
    • Seeking value by actively managing opportunities across the investment universe to harness and risk-manage developing themes
    • Benefiting from a long, successful track record of capturing yield throughout market cycles
  • Specialist insights
    • Adapting solutions and outcomes to deliver what today’s investors need
    • Having one team with different viewpoints to leverage multiple investment experts who know the income markets inside out
    • Being agile, lean and focused to foster an investment process that has conviction yet is quick to adapt




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Without doubt, investors continue to face a complex and uncertain market environment globally. Compounded by prolonged low interest rates, the hunt for yields with lower volatility poses an ongoing challenge for anyone looking for income.

The solution is to take a fresh perspective. It requires going beyond fixed returns to generate a resilient outcome that also offers diversified capital growth.


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