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We combine fundamental expertise with trading opportunities, for investors and issuers alike. We have quick decision-making processes, a large network we can call on and many years’ experience, and we can guarantee independence. All this allows us to improve your investment performance and support you efficiently in implementing your solutions, while at the same time significantly reducing your costs and workload.

We offer you personal service across our entire fixed-income offering, focusing in particular on the Swiss market. Our Credit Research team specializes in Swiss companies and public-sector borrowers, allowing us to find the most sustainable bond investments in the Swiss market from the fundamental and relative value perspective. Our edge in terms of knowledge can help you get an in-depth understanding of companies, sectors, management teams and strategies.

For you as a client and investor, we are your one-stop shop and single point of entry for all fixed-income products and markets, including convertible bonds. Thanks to our direct market access, our own trading positions and our global network of brokers, you will be able to promptly identify and seize market opportunities, and our efficient sales trading structure facilitates quick decisions and prevents inefficiencies. We have a strong position in the Swiss primary and secondary markets, and an experienced team of sales traders with a large network of clients.

Our Credit Research team works with financial models incorporating our own assessments of the future. This allows us to identify risks, opportunities and turnarounds at an early stage for our clients and investors.

Independence and impartiality are paramount for us, and we consistently avoid conflicts of interest. When we make our investment recommendations, our sole obligation is to you, the investor.

We enable you to assess developments and trends for yourself, and this hinges on us providing transparent and comprehensible analysis, in-depth initiation reports and consistent rating methodologies.

We have been a rating provider for the Swiss Bond Index (SBI) since June 2015, and have been represented on the Bond Index Commission since January 2017.


cosmofunding is the first money and capital market platform in Switzerland, on which not only classic loans but also private placements can be securitized intuitively and user-friendly with just a few clicks.

cosmofunding by Vontobel


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