Defend your idea.
Own your success.

At Vontobel, we create and actively pursue investment opportunities we believe in – however simple or radical they may be. Because only strong convictions make an impact for our clients.


Do your thing.
Own your success.

At Vontobel, we follow our own path to deliver results that make a difference for our clients. Because successful investing starts with assuming personal responsibility.


Be a specialist.
Own your success.

At Vontobel, we master what we do and we only do what we master. This is how we stay on course in a changing world – determined to get our clients ahead.


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We live up to our ownership mindset.

We think and act like owners: we think long-term and take action today. We trust our people’s abilities, give them room to maneuver, and empower them to take personal responsibility in every position. We actively recognize and cultivate their competencies. We encourage them to meet the highest standards, both as specialists and as people, to take ownership of their work and to realize their full potential.

We actively shape our future.

We have unwavering confidence in the future and in our ability to transform change and potential into opportunities. It is up to us to create and actively pursue investment opportunities that get our clients ahead. We relentlessly strive for improvement in order to capture the full potential of the future for our clients, for Vontobel, and for the communities where we live and work.

We make an impact.

We are highly qualified professionals. We are specialists. We master what we do, and only do what we master. We use our expertise to anticipate future developments and to deliver solutions that help our clients realize and exceed their goals and expectations. We put our clients first and take pride in ensuring that each client benefits from a unique Vontobel experience. We take every possible step to protect their interests.


Our offering


Wealth Management

Vontobel Wealth Management is committed to actively managing client assets with foresight across generations. We take a holistic approach, accurately monitor the markets, anticipate trends and opportunities, and develop individual solutions. This is how we protect the entrusted assets and create optimal conditions to increase them over the long term while taking controlled risks.

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Asset Management

Vontobel Asset Management is an active asset manager with global reach and a multi-boutique approach. Each of our boutiques draws on specialized investment talent, a strong performance culture and robust risk management. We deliver leading-edge solutions for both institutional and private clients.

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Investment Banking

Vontobel Investment Banking creates specialized investment solutions for private and institutional clients. We follow a customer-centered digital business model, manage risks carefully, and build compelling service packages to get our clients ahead.

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Vontobel Impact

What are the issues that society is concerned about today? And tomorrow? These are the same themes that we are concerned about at Vontobel. "Impact" gives socially engaged personalities from the worlds of the arts, science and politics a platform to share their opinions.

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